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A bit about me...

Photography started for me on the other side of the camera. My best friend Maria,  embraced her artistic talents and I was often the guinea pig for her new endeavors; including, but not limited to, photography. Watching her excel in her newfound talent inspired me to try the medium and I have loved being behind the camera ever since although I'll admit I struggle with calling myself anything, much less a "photographer." 

Imposter syndrome got the best of me for a long time and I never fully committed to being a photographer of any one thing. Most of my images in the beginning centered around still lives and nature (things I still love to photograph), but I got a travel bug and found images of people to be much more intriguing. 

Since then I have been enthusiastically photographing nouns of all kinds, but hold a special spot in my heart for capturing moments between people whether that be monumental moments or the smaller milestones in between.   

That's a bit about me. Tell me a bit about you. 

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